Frequently Asked Questions

Account Verification

  • Do I need to verify my credit or debit card before making a deposit?

    For the security and integrity of your account, we recommend verifying your credit or debit card before making a deposit. This verification process helps prevent unauthorized use of your payment methods and ensures a smooth and secure transaction experience.

  • How do I access my deposit history?

    To access your deposit history, log in to your QA Trading account and navigate to the “Deposit” or “Transaction History” section. Here, you will find a detailed record of all your deposits, including the date, amount, and payment method used.

  • Are the values transmitted live without delay?

    Yes, the values on the QA Trading platform are transmitted in real-time without any delay. This means you can view the most up-to-date market prices and make informed trading decisions based on accurate information.

  • Are there any subscription fees charged on the MT5 platform?

    There are no subscription fees charged for using the MT5 platform at QA Trading. It is offered to our clients free of charge, allowing you to access advanced trading features and tools without any additional costs.

  • How to change the language?

    To change the language on the MT5 platform, go to the top menu and click on “View” > “Languages”. From there, select the language of your choice. After selecting the language, simply close and reopen the platform for the language settings to take effect.

  • Does the MT5 platform display the bid or ask amount?

    The MT5 platform displays the bid amount by default. If you want to view the ask amount, right-click on the chart, select “Properties,” go to the “Common” tab, and check the box that says “Show Ask line.” This will enable the display of the ask amount on the charts.

  • What are the server hours? Can this be changed?

    The server hours on the QA Trading platform are set to GMT + 2 or GMT + 3 according to daylight saving time. These server hours are determined by the market and cannot be changed by individual users. It is important to be aware of the server hours to ensure accurate timing of trades and access to market data.

  • Does the demo account have an expiration date?

    No, the demo account does not have an expiration date. You can use it for as long as you want to practice trading and test out your strategies. However, if you do not log in to your demo account for 30 days, it will be automatically deleted from the system. You can always open a new demo account if you wish to continue practicing.

Account Verification

EA (Expert Advisors) and Indicators

  • How to install an EA?

    To install an EA (Expert Advisor) on the QA Trading platform, follow these steps:
    1. Open the platform and click on “File” in the top menu.
    2. Select “Open Data Folder” from the drop-down menu.
    3. In the opened folder, navigate to the “MQL5” folder.
    4. Inside the “MQL5” folder, locate the “Experts” folder.
    5. Copy the .ex4 or .mq4 file of the EA into the “Experts” folder.
    6. Close and reopen the platform.
    The EA will now be displayed in the “Navigator” window under the “Expert Advisors” section. You can drag and drop the EA onto a chart to activate it.

  • How do I know which leverage I am using?

    To check the leverage you are using on the QA Trading platform, follow these steps:
    1. Log in to your account on the platform.
    2. Click on the “View” menu in the top menu bar.
    3. Select “Symbols” from the drop-down menu.
    4. In the “Symbols” window, find the currency pair you are trading.
    The leverage for that currency pair will be displayed in the “Leverage” column.

  • How to download the trading platform?

    The terminal can be downloaded directly from your customer area. Access it here (link).


  • What is an affiliate?

    An affiliate is an individual or entity that collaborates with QA Trading to promote their services and earn commissions by referring new clients. As an affiliate, you have the flexibility to employ various marketing strategies to drive traffic to QA Trading and earn a commission for each referred client who opens an account and begins trading.

  • How can I become an affiliate?

    Becoming an affiliate with QA Trading is a straightforward process. Follow these steps to get started:
    1. Visit the QA Trading website and navigate to the “Affiliates” section.
    2. Complete the affiliate registration form by providing your details.
    3. Submit the form for review and approval by the QA Trading team.
    4. Once approved, you will receive your unique affiliate tracking link and gain access to marketing materials to kickstart your promotional efforts.

  • Are there document requirements to become an affiliate?

    The document requirements for affiliate registration may vary depending on your jurisdiction and the specific regulations in place. In some cases, you may be asked to provide certain identification documents or proof of address during the affiliate registration process. This is essential to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and to prevent fraudulent activities.

  • How do I receive payments as an affiliate?

    As an affiliate, you can earn commissions based on the trading activity of the clients you refer to QA Trading. The specific commission structure and payment methods may vary based on your agreement with QA Trading. Common payment methods for affiliates typically include bank wire transfers, e-wallets, or account credit.

  • How can customers sign up through my affiliation?

    When you become an affiliate, you will receive a unique tracking link that is exclusively associated with your affiliate account. You can share this link through various marketing channels such as websites, social media platforms, or email campaigns. Whenever a customer clicks on your affiliate link and registers for an account with QA Trading, their registration will be tracked to your affiliate account, and you will receive credit for their trading activity.